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MessageBalloon Properties

The properties of the MessageBalloon class are listed below. For a complete list of MessageBalloon class members, see the MessageBalloon Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

AcceptButton (inherited from Form)
AccessibilityObject (inherited from Control)
AccessibleDefaultActionDescription (inherited from Control)
AccessibleDescription (inherited from Control)
AccessibleName (inherited from Control)
AccessibleRole (inherited from Control)
ActiveControl (inherited from ContainerControl)
ActiveMdiChild (inherited from Form)
AllowDrop (inherited from Control)
AllowObscure (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves whether the balloon is allowed to overlap any part of the target region.
AllowTransparency (inherited from Form)
Anchor (inherited from Control)
AnchorMargin (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the distance the anchor tip extends from the balloon border.
AnchorOffset (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the increasing distance along the anchor quadrant edge where the anchor tip will be positioned.
AnchorOffsetBase (inherited from BalloonWindow) The base anchor offset for the balloon.
AnchorPoint (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the Point the anchor tip is located at.
AnchorQuadrant (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the quadrant the anchor will be displayed in as defined by the AnchorQuadrant enumeration.
AnchorQuadrantBase (inherited from BalloonWindow) The base anchor quadrant for the balloon.
AutoScale (inherited from Form)
AutoScaleBaseSize (inherited from Form)
AutoScroll (inherited from Form)
AutoScrollMargin (inherited from ScrollableControl)
AutoScrollMinSize (inherited from ScrollableControl)
AutoScrollPosition (inherited from ScrollableControl)
BackColor (inherited from Form)
BackgroundImage (inherited from Control)
BackStyle (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Sets or retrieves the background style. Takes presedence over BackColor when set.
BindingContext (inherited from ContainerControl)
BorderColor (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Sets or retreives the border color.
BorderStyle (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Sets or retreives the border style. Takes precedence over BorderColor when set.
Bottom (inherited from Control)
Bounds (inherited from Control)
CancelButton (inherited from Form)
CanFocus (inherited from Control)
CanSelect (inherited from Control)
Capture (inherited from Control)
CausesValidation (inherited from Control)
ClientRectangle (inherited from Control)
ClientSize (inherited from Form)
CloseBox (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves whether the close box should be displayed.
CompanyName (inherited from Control)
Container (inherited from Component)
ContainsFocus (inherited from Control)
ContextMenu (inherited from Control)
ControlBox (inherited from Form)
Controls (inherited from Control)
CornerRadius (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the radius, in degrees, for the balloon corners.
Created (inherited from Control)
Cursor (inherited from Control)
DataBindings (inherited from Control)
DesktopBounds (inherited from Form)
DesktopLocation (inherited from Form)
DialogResult (inherited from Form)
DisplayRectangle (inherited from ScrollableControl)
Disposing (inherited from Control)
Dock (inherited from Control)
DockPadding (inherited from ScrollableControl)
Enabled (inherited from Control)
Focused (inherited from Control)
Font (inherited from Control)
ForeColor (inherited from Control)
FormBorderStyle (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Sets the style for the form. This property should not be set when using this, or any inherited, classes.
Handle (inherited from Control)
HasChildren (inherited from Control)
Height (inherited from Control)
HelpButton (inherited from Form)
Icon (inherited from Form)
ImeMode (inherited from Control)
InvokeRequired (inherited from Control)
IsAccessible (inherited from Control)
IsDisposed (inherited from Control)
IsHandleCreated (inherited from Control)
IsMdiChild (inherited from Form)
IsMdiContainer (inherited from Form)
IsRestrictedWindow (inherited from Form)
KeyPreview (inherited from Form)
Left (inherited from Control)
Location (inherited from Control)
MaximizeBox (inherited from Form)
MaximumSize (inherited from Form)
MdiChildren (inherited from Form)
MdiParent (inherited from Form)
Menu (inherited from Form)
MergedMenu (inherited from Form)
MinimizeBox (inherited from Form)
MinimumSize (inherited from Form)
Modal (inherited from Form)
MoveWithTarget (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves whether the the balloon should be repositioned when the target area is moved.
Name (inherited from Control)
Opacity (inherited from Form)
OwnedForms (inherited from Form)
Owner (inherited from Form)
Parent (inherited from Control)
ParentForm (inherited from ContainerControl)
ProductName (inherited from Control)
ProductVersion (inherited from Control)
RecreatingHandle (inherited from Control)
Region (inherited from Control)
Right (inherited from Control)
RightToLeft (inherited from Control)
Shadow (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Sets or retrieves whether the shadow should be displayed.
ShadowColor (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Sets or retrieves the color of the shadow.
ShadowMargin (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Sets or retrieves the distance the shadow extends.
ShowInTaskbar (inherited from Form)
Site (inherited from Control)
Size (inherited from Form)
SizeGripStyle (inherited from Form)
StartPosition (inherited from Form)
TabIndex (inherited from Form)
TabStop (inherited from Control)
Tag (inherited from Control)
TargetControl (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the control that the balloon will be anchored to.
Text (inherited from Control)
Timeout (inherited from BalloonWindow) Sets or retrieves the number of milliseconds that the balloon is visible. After the time has elapsed, the balloon will hide.
Top (inherited from Control)
TopLevel (inherited from Form)
TopLevelControl (inherited from Control)
TopMost (inherited from Form)
TransparencyKey (inherited from Form)
Visible (inherited from Control)
Width (inherited from Control)
WindowState (inherited from Form)
WindowTarget (inherited from Control)

Protected Instance Properties

CreateParams (inherited from Form)
DefaultImeMode (inherited from Form)
DefaultSize (inherited from Form)
DesignMode (inherited from Component)
Events (inherited from Component)
FontHeight (inherited from Control)
HScroll (inherited from ScrollableControl)
MaximizedBounds (inherited from Form)
RenderRightToLeft (inherited from Control)
ResizeRedraw (inherited from Control)
ShowFocusCues (inherited from Control)
ShowKeyboardCues (inherited from Control)
VScroll (inherited from ScrollableControl)

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