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MessageBalloon Methods

The methods of the MessageBalloon class are listed below. For a complete list of MessageBalloon class members, see the MessageBalloon Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

ShowOverloaded. Displays a message balloon.

Public Instance Methods

Activate (inherited from Form)
AddOwnedForm (inherited from Form)
BeginInvoke (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
BringToFront (inherited from Control)
Close (inherited from Form)
Contains (inherited from Control)
CreateControl (inherited from Control)
CreateGraphics (inherited from Control)
CreateObjRef (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)
Dispose (inherited from Component)Overloaded.
DoDragDrop (inherited from Control)
EndInvoke (inherited from Control)
Equals (inherited from Object)
FindForm (inherited from Control)
Focus (inherited from Control)
GetChildAtPoint (inherited from Control)
GetContainerControl (inherited from Control)
GetHashCode (inherited from Object)
GetLifetimeService (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)
GetNextControl (inherited from Control)
GetPath (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow)Overloaded. Gets the path shape. If no path exists, then PreparePath is called.
GetType (inherited from Object)
Hide (inherited from BalloonWindow)
HideShadow (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Removes the shadow if one is currently displayed.
InitializeLifetimeService (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)
Invalidate (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
Invoke (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
LayoutMdi (inherited from Form)
MoveAnchorTo (inherited from BalloonWindow)Overloaded. Moves the anchor to the specified rectangle.
OffsetAnchorBy (inherited from BalloonWindow)Overloaded. Shifts the anchor by dx and dy.
PerformLayout (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
PointToClient (inherited from Control)
PointToScreen (inherited from Control)
PreProcessMessage (inherited from Control)
RectangleToClient (inherited from Control)
RectangleToScreen (inherited from Control)
Refresh (inherited from Control)
RemoveOwnedForm (inherited from Form)
ResetBackColor (inherited from Control)
ResetBindings (inherited from Control)
ResetCursor (inherited from Control)
ResetFont (inherited from Control)
ResetForeColor (inherited from Control)
ResetImeMode (inherited from Control)
ResetPath (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Clears any existing path. Will force the derived class to provide the shape again.
ResetRightToLeft (inherited from Control)
ResetText (inherited from Control)
ResumeLayout (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
Scale (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
ScrollControlIntoView (inherited from ScrollableControl)
Select (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
SelectNextControl (inherited from Control)
SendToBack (inherited from Control)
SetAutoScrollMargin (inherited from ScrollableControl)
SetBounds (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
SetDesktopBounds (inherited from Form)
SetDesktopLocation (inherited from Form)
SetPath (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Sets the path shape.
Show (inherited from BalloonWindow)Overloaded. Shows the balloon and anchors it to the given point.
Show (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
ShowDialog (inherited from Form)Overloaded.
ShowShadow (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Displays a shadow is one is not already displayed.
SuspendLayout (inherited from Control)
ToString (inherited from Form)
Update (inherited from Control)
Validate (inherited from ContainerControl)

Protected Instance Methods

AccessibilityNotifyClients (inherited from Control)
ActivateMdiChild (inherited from Form)
AdjustFormScrollbars (inherited from Form)
ApplyAutoScaling (inherited from Form)
CenterToParent (inherited from Form)
CenterToScreen (inherited from Form)
CreateAccessibilityInstance (inherited from Control)
CreateControlsInstance (inherited from Form)
CreateHandle (inherited from Form)
DefWndProc (inherited from Form)
DestroyHandle (inherited from Control)
Dispose (inherited from ShadowedWindow)Overloaded. Clean up any resources being used.
Finalize (inherited from Component)
GetBalloonBounds (inherited from BalloonWindow)
GetScrollState (inherited from ScrollableControl)
GetService (inherited from Component)
GetStyle (inherited from Control)
GetTopLevel (inherited from Control)
InitLayout (inherited from Control)
InvokeGotFocus (inherited from Control)
InvokeLostFocus (inherited from Control)
InvokeOnClick (inherited from Control)
InvokePaint (inherited from Control)
InvokePaintBackground (inherited from Control)
IsInputChar (inherited from Control)
IsInputKey (inherited from Control)
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)
NotifyInvalidate (inherited from Control)
OnActivated (inherited from Form)
OnBackColorChanged (inherited from Control)
OnBackgroundImageChanged (inherited from Control)
OnBackStyleChanged (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Raises the BackStyleChanged event.
OnBindingContextChanged (inherited from Control)
OnBorderColorChanged (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Raises the BorderColorChanged event.
OnBorderStyleChanged (inherited from GraphicsPathWindow) Raises the BorderStyleChanged event.
OnCausesValidationChanged (inherited from Control)
OnChangeUICues (inherited from Control)
OnClick (inherited from Control)
OnClosed (inherited from Form)
OnClosing (inherited from BalloonWindow)
OnContextMenuChanged (inherited from Control)
OnControlAdded (inherited from Control)
OnControlRemoved (inherited from ContainerControl)
OnCreateControl (inherited from Form)
OnCursorChanged (inherited from Control)
OnDeactivate (inherited from Form)
OnDockChanged (inherited from Control)
OnDoubleClick (inherited from Control)
OnDragDrop (inherited from Control)
OnDragEnter (inherited from Control)
OnDragLeave (inherited from Control)
OnDragOver (inherited from Control)
OnEnabledChanged (inherited from Control)
OnEnter (inherited from Control)
OnFontChanged (inherited from Form)
OnForeColorChanged (inherited from Control)
OnGiveFeedback (inherited from Control)
OnGotFocus (inherited from Control)
OnHandleCreated (inherited from Form)
OnHandleDestroyed (inherited from Form)
OnHelpRequested (inherited from Control)
OnImeModeChanged (inherited from Control)
OnInputLanguageChanged (inherited from Form)
OnInputLanguageChanging (inherited from Form)
OnInvalidated (inherited from Control)
OnKeyDown (inherited from Control)
OnKeyPress (inherited from Control)
OnKeyUp (inherited from Control)
OnLayout (inherited from ScrollableControl)
OnLeave (inherited from Control)
OnLocationChanged (inherited from Control)
OnLostFocus (inherited from Control)
OnMaximizedBoundsChanged (inherited from Form)
OnMaximumSizeChanged (inherited from Form)
OnMdiChildActivate (inherited from Form)
OnMenuComplete (inherited from Form)
OnMenuStart (inherited from Form)
OnMinimumSizeChanged (inherited from Form)
OnMouseDown (inherited from Control)
OnMouseEnter (inherited from Control)
OnMouseHover (inherited from Control)
OnMouseLeave (inherited from Control)
OnMouseMove (inherited from Control)
OnMouseUp (inherited from Control)
OnMouseWheel (inherited from ScrollableControl)
OnMove (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Ensures that the shadow follows its parent.
OnNotifyMessage (inherited from Control)
OnPaintBackground (inherited from Control)
OnParentBackColorChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentBackgroundImageChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentBindingContextChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentEnabledChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentFontChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentForeColorChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentRightToLeftChanged (inherited from Control)
OnParentVisibleChanged (inherited from Control)
OnPathLayoutChanged (inherited from ShadowedWindow)
OnQueryContinueDrag (inherited from Control)
OnResize (inherited from ShadowedWindow) Ensures that the shadow follows its parent.
OnRightToLeftChanged (inherited from Control)
OnSizeChanged (inherited from Control)
OnStyleChanged (inherited from Form)
OnSystemColorsChanged (inherited from Control)
OnTabIndexChanged (inherited from Control)
OnTabStopChanged (inherited from Control)
OnTextChanged (inherited from Form)
OnValidated (inherited from Control)
OnValidating (inherited from Control)
OnVisibleChanged (inherited from BalloonWindow)
PreparePath (inherited from BalloonWindow)
ProcessCmdKey (inherited from Form)
ProcessDialogChar (inherited from ContainerControl)
ProcessDialogKey (inherited from Form)
ProcessKeyEventArgs (inherited from Control)
ProcessKeyPreview (inherited from Form)
ProcessMnemonic (inherited from ContainerControl)
ProcessTabKey (inherited from Form)
RaiseDragEvent (inherited from Control)
RaiseKeyEvent (inherited from Control)
RaiseMouseEvent (inherited from Control)
RaisePaintEvent (inherited from Control)
RecreateHandle (inherited from Control)
ResetMouseEventArgs (inherited from Control)
RtlTranslateAlignment (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
RtlTranslateContent (inherited from Control)
RtlTranslateHorizontal (inherited from Control)
RtlTranslateLeftRight (inherited from Control)
ScaleCore (inherited from Form)
Select (inherited from Form)Overloaded.
SetBoundsCore (inherited from Form)
SetClientSizeCore (inherited from Form)
SetDisplayRectLocation (inherited from ScrollableControl)
SetScrollState (inherited from ScrollableControl)
SetStyle (inherited from Control)
SetTopLevel (inherited from Control)
SetVisibleCore (inherited from Form)
UpdateBounds (inherited from Control)Overloaded.
UpdateDefaultButton (inherited from Form)
UpdateStyles (inherited from Control)
UpdateZOrder (inherited from Control)
WndProc (inherited from Form)

Protected Internal Instance Methods

ProcessKeyMessage (inherited from Control)

Explicit Interface Implementations

IContainerControl.ActivateControl (inherited from ContainerControl)

See Also

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